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OpenWalnut is an open source tool for multi-modal medical and brain data visualization. Its universality allows it to be easily extended and used in a large variety of application cases. It is both, a tool for the scientific user and a powerful framework for the visualization researcher. OpenWalnut is licensed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3. Written entirely in Standard C++ and using a number of portable libraries (e.g. Qt, Boost and OpenSceneGraph) it runs on common GNU/Linux operating systems, Mac OSX and Windows. For more information, including system requirements, see here.

LineAO implementation as in Improved FiberStipples as proposed in A dozend cortices

LineAO_Titlepage.png - LineAO implementation as in (134 KB) Sebastian Eichelbaum, 06/14/2012 04:20 PM

Pandya_Titlepage.png - Improved FiberStipples as proposed in (72.8 KB) Mathias Goldau, 06/11/2014 12:03 PM

Cortices_Titlepage.png - A dozend cortices (65 KB) Mathias Goldau, 06/11/2014 12:09 PM