PLEASE NOTE: OpenWalnut source code has recently moved (see MigrationInfos) and this wiki will also move soon.

Thanks for considering to contribute! In this article, we show you HOW to contribute and WHAT information is needed. The OpenWalnut project strongly relies on your feedback! Without your ideas, comments and bug reports, we would not be able to progress the project.

I want to make a bug report!

You found a bug? Provide a bug report or a patch if available. Please have a look at the following list and ensure you provide the required information. They help us reproducing and finding the bug.

  • check if the issue has already been reported
  • create a ticket with a detailed description:
    • detailed description of the symptoms,
    • how to reproduce,
    • which platform you are on,
    • which version of Openwalnut you use,
    • a log output (you can find the log file in the directory where OpenWalnut was called from)
  • stay tuned! Tickets are not fire-and-forget. It is possible that we need further information regarding a problem.

I want to contribute features and ideas!

You have an idea, request or improvement? Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Use our IRC chat or mailing lists to tell us about your ideas and comments.

If you want to develop modules and other improvements for OpenWalnut, do not hesitate to contact us. We will help you to get into OpenWalnut development and provide you with the necessary information.

I want to submit a bugfix!

You found a bug and solved it? Awesome. Please follow the above checklist to create a ticket and append the patch! We will check the patch and include it into OpenWalnut if appropriate. There are some important things to know when submitting code to us: